Dread The Resume?

It’s no sweat, really. In fact, the dread factor is universally common. So quit panicking already! Your fingertips (those tiny intuitive tappers) stumbled here: the right place. Give them a hand! Read and reap the benefits exclusively written for you, job seeker.

Before we get started with this resume business, behold great key pointers:

  • Obtain a copy of your job description. It is a brief summary of duties which highlights what your current or last position entails. This will ease some of the stress that builds up when recalling all the job functions you perform(ed) at work. In short, it’s a time saver. If you happen to have your sights on an open position, and eager to apply (kudos btw), print out the company job description. The goal here is to fill your resume with details that match what your new employer seeks. For example, if the company lists that you must be proficient in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, make sure (if you possess the skills) to include these qualifications on your resume.
  • Ask questions about software in use at work, jot down the names and store in your resume file for future reference. Also, be attentive when performing job functions. That’s an instant duh, right? Well. . . not exactly. See, we all get stuck in robotic mode. Job functions on a day-to-day basis become ingrained routines that veil the names from the very actions we do. Disagree? See if you can answer the next question with a response that is resume worthy. What are the three major job functions you performed at work today? If your answer is vague, next time you’re at work try mentally naming actions as you perform them. For example, let’s say you work in an office setting. There are documents sitting on your desk ready to shred. What will you shred exactly? Confidential paperwork. The action you will perform is named: safeguarding confidential documents. Let’s say you work in retail. You are stacking a variety of jeans on a table for display near the store entrance. The action you perform is named: target consumers by promoting merchandise through utilized sale strategies.
  • Include rewards, promotions and customer compliments received. Are you a top seller? Have you exceeded sales quotas expected of you? Remember when your boss commended you job well done? Always state your accomplishments on a resume. Remember, you are selling your skills on paper. So brag away and let your confidence gleam on ink.


Three Basic Resumes

Do you have a longstanding work history? If so, the Chronological resume suits you. It’s all about professional experience. This layout showcases your work history first, starting with the most recent position. Your jobs list in reverse chronological order, from current to previous employment. Be sure to include your accomplishments along with basic job functions in this section. Keep it at a five bullet minimum.

If you have gaps of unemployment, or are applying for a new position that differs from previous jobs held, the Functional resume is the way to go. Its primary objective is to show off the skills and experience you can contribute. Which is why this layout showcases your qualifications first.

The Combined resume ties both Chronological and Functional resume detail into one. Your skills and experience list first, followed by work history.


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…It’s prep time for that interview. Need some pointers? Be sure to come back and read What Not To Say To Your Future Boss.

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