Can You Clean My House?

Just Kidding. I’m knee-deep in my mess thank you very much. I have too many clothes, a shoe rack of heels, hats and scarves–all of that stuff will go in my very own special closet. See, at first this closet was an office, then a lounge, then a bedroom for a house guest from hell.

The Lounge Era

What you don’t see is the entertainment center with all of the other objects one would place on top of it. Guess where all that stuff went? My bedroom. I’m too embarrassed to show you what that looks like. Believe me when I say it’s cluttered with chunky furniture and clothing. Feast your eyes on this instead.

Dark but most importantly: EMPTY.
Dark but most importantly: EMPTY


I see a small table against the wall with every type of colored nail polish standing on the surface. A long mirror to check myself out because I need my daily share of vanity. A rolling garment rack for clothing. This room will serve all of my selfish needs. And once I’m done with this room, I can move furniture around in my bedroom. Clear the desk space and finally organize all the papers piled on top of it.

Me, in the near future. Hi Carrie!
Me in the near future. Hi Carrie!


Spring Cleaning came to mind. I need a checklist. So I surfed and found a few along with helpful cleaning tips. Click on a picture for a wider view. Save and print as you like. Check it out:


Don’t fret if you’re overwhelmed with cleaning. I have this guy’s number if you need an extra hand:


Sorry. I couldn’t help myself. How cute is this guy?!!

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