The Literary Rants!!!!!!!

I wonder what Hemingway, Joyce and Fitzgerald would say about Patterson’s co-authorship of fame. I think it’s absurd. IMHO, Patterson has no right claiming “author status” for the published novels he hasn’t written. What do you think?

Dysfunctional Literacy

When you publish one book a month (and other authors are writing the books for you), somebody is going to say something bad about you.  And I'm just the man for the job. Why does this author deserve a rant?  I can think of at least one reason every month. (image via Wikimedia)

It’s tough for a guy like me with a monotone voice to have a good rant. Even if I yell and scream with passion, other people think I’m just talking loudly in a monotone voice. It doesn’t have much effect. Plus, rants can come across as whining if you do it wrong, or if people disagree with you. That’s a great way to ruin a rant, just call it whining. Being called a whiner is almost as bad as being called a racist (not that I’ve ever been called either); once you’re accused, you have to defend yourself against the accusation, and nothing else you say matters.

The problem with rants is that most of them are too long. Most rants have made their point after the first paragraph, but…

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