And This Post (Drumroll Please)…Is Yet Another Test!

*Bangs head on desk*


(An informed update after head was strategically wrapped with bandages)

So I just had a conversation with myself and it went like this:

“You’re obviously tired.”

“Me? Ha! No way am I tired…do you know who you’re talking to?”

“Um…yeah. Me. I mean you, I mean—you know what I mean!”

“Right then. So you’re fully aware that vampires never tire.”

*Rolls eyes*

“Oh, you’re sleepy alright! Talking crazy talk about vampires, and god knows what else is drifting in dreamyland, bubbling in that mind of yours. It’s not functioning properly.”

“Says the woman in my head.”

“Says the woman in your  head who happened to notice that you, ‘Ms. Vampire’, misspelled drumroll. It’s with an o, not u.”

“A simple error.”

“That a kindergartener would distinguish. Three blunders today my dear, all in one sitting. GO TO BED.”



-Danielle M.



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