FemCandee Says Hi! And Well. . .

Although the label tech savvy is a concept I often compare to nails screeching on a chalkboard, I have great ideas to share with you all! I am pulling my hair out learning here. I am maneuvering, pilfering through the “how to” and “what nots” on WordPress to get this baby launched. So lounge I’m begging you, get comfy in your seats. Expect to see updates (and possible blunders) one day tomorrow. Experience FemCandees’ bloom in spring!

Spring is like my favorite relative who is always a pleasure to see.

  • Plush grass; vibrant green.
  • Light jackets in the soft breeze
  • Buttercup meadows adorned with picnic blankets
  • Backyard bonfires, tangy barbecue ribs
  • Raindrops glide on yellow daffodils

Here’s a small collection comprised of spring. I think I’m in love : D . . .

-Danielle M.

2 thoughts on “FemCandee Says Hi! And Well. . .

  1. What an absolutely beautiful compendium of spring! I, too, am learning as I go with WordPress…thank you for following me at Triggershorse. – Fawn


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